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Matt's CGI Scripts
Installing Matt's Random Link, Random Image, Guestbook, and WWWBoard Script along with permissions, restrictions, and other basic CGI information.
CGI Tutorial
Using Common Gateway Interface on your account. Covered topics include setting permissions correctly, testing your scripts in telnet, using appropriate file extensions, and troubleshooting.
Java Chatroom Support
Learn how to customize, create new rooms, customize your banner ad, and more.
FTP Tutorial
File Transfer Protocol basics; connecting to HelpQuest.Com.
Account Extras
Setting up an autoresponder, password protecting your directories, creating your own 404 error file.
Audio/Video Usage
Implementing TrueSpeech, Real Audio, Real Video, and MIDI files on your site.
Connectivity Support
Issues regarding connecting to our server are addressed here.
Secure Sockets Layer
Implementing Secure Sockets Layer with HelpQuest.Com's certificate and/or obtaining your own certificate; for use on both virtual and sub-domain accounts.
Pre-installed CGI/C Scripts
Setting up your website with our pre-installed CGI and C scripts including text-based counters, graphical counters, graphical clocks, e-mail forms, random sound players and random image scripts.
Server-Side Includes
Information on using SSI calls within your CGI scripts to make new features.
Telnet Support
Telnet basics; using telnet, permissions, and changing your password.
Anonymous FTP
Implementing Anonymous FTP access on your virtual domain and restrictions; benefits of Anonymous FTP.
E-mail Support
Retrieving your e-mail from your POP3 account using external programs.
Server Support
Information regarding HelpQuest.Com's servers.

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