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Pre-Installed CGI Scripts
Have you considered HelpQuest.Com's interactive
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Remember that HelpQuest.Com has The Personal Control Panel for all users to easily set-up a guestbook, WWWBoard, e-mail list, e-mail forwarding, autoresponder, graphical and text counter, website search engine, file manager, and many other features!

This page deals with many of the same features offered by The Personal Control Panel.

What are the preinstalled CGI Scripts HelpQuest.Com users can use?

HelpQuest.Com makes available at no charge for users of all plans to use all of the following scripts. Some of the following scripts come with their own setup instructions, other scripts run as a part of the HelpQuest.Com Personal Control Panel and must be used through the Personal Control Panel. All off the following scripts are integrated into the Personal Control Panel which eliminates the need for current clients of HelpQuest.Com to setup these scripts.

Scripts preinstalled on your account:

  • Graphical counter -- which has over 100 different styles to choose from. Users may have as many counters as they wish and the graphical counter can be customized.
  • Text-based counter -- is also available for as many webpages as the user wants to have a textcounter. The textcounters can be customized by using HTML tags.
  • Graphical style clocks -- is also available to users and the clocks also can have several styles.
  • Random image script -- allows users to display on their webpages an image randomly selected from a number of images of their choice when someone visits their website.
  • Random sound player -- plays a random MIDI script when someone visits your website. You can use as few as one or as many MIDIs as you like to be chosen from by the script.
  • HTML Form E-mailer -- is a script that allows users to have a form sent to them in an e-mail when a visitor on their website fills out a form.

Scripts inseparable from the Personal Control Panel:

  • Your File Manager -- allows you to upload and download files from your website using your browser rather than FTP. You can also change permissions on files and directories and view permissions, date last modified, and change directories.
  • A hits logger -- is a script that will grab all the information, including referral, browser and OS used, IP, date and time of visitors to your website. You can use this script on just your index page or on every page of your website.
  • Your E-mail List -- is a feature that allows you to have your own e-mail list, so you can send the same e-mail message to multiple e-mail addresses. Not intended as a tool for spamming.

  • E-mail Forwarding -- is a script that will forward e-mail addressed to an account at HelpQuest.Com to somewhere else: you can set up as many forwarding mail addresses as you wish.
  • Excite! Search Engine -- is a feature that allows you to set up a search engine on your website using the same technology as Excite!
  • MiniVend Shopping Cart -- is a shopping cart system which HelpQuest.Com users can use to set up a shopping cart on their website. This program must be compiled, and HelpQuest.Com can set it up on your account for a small fee.

All of these scripts are free of charge to all users of HelpQuest.Com! Click here to learn more about The Personal Control Panel.

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