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What is anonymous FTP?

Anonymous FTP allows people to download files through File Transfer Protocol by only entering a common name and password. The login is "anonymous" and the password is usually the person's e-mail address but can be anything they wish.

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What is the charge for using anonymous FTP?

Like most services, anonymous FTP is a part of your standard monthly fee, so there is no charge to use anonymous FTP on your existing HelpQuest.Com account.

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How do I set up anonymous FTP on my account?

If you wish to have anonymous FTP installed on your account, just contact support@helpquest.com, and we will set up anonymous FTP on your account.

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Can I allow people to upload files through anonymous FTP?

People are not allowed to upload files via anonymous FTP. This creates a potential security risk, so uploading through anonymous FTP is not allowed.

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What are the files created by anonymous FTP?

The files created by anonymous ftp reside in the directory /home/your_login/ and the name of the file is ftplog. The ftplog file just logs all of the downloads from your anonymous ftp site.

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How do I set up my own banner to be displayed when someone visits my anonymous FTP site?

To display your own message when someone logs into your anonymous ftp site, simply create a text file and type in whatever message you would like displayed when someone logs into your anonymous FTP site. Name this file "banner.msg" and upload it into your /home/your_login directory. Your message will now be displayed when someone accesses your anonymous FTP site.

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Where do I put the files I want accessible through anonymous FTP?

Place all the files you want accessible through anonymous FTP in the /home/your_login/ftp/pub directory. All files in the ftp directory will be accessible through anonymous FTP.

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