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Help Quest . com for an Internet presence with pizzazz!
for an Internet Presence with PIZZAZZ!

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[Sun Microsystems] At the heart of our network lies Sun Enterprise 250 Webservers. These mission-critical webservers from Sun Microsystems is from the same family of webservers used by Amazon.com. All webservers are running Solaris 2.6.

[Cisco Systems] HelpQuest.Com uses only Cisco Systems Routers and Switches for its hosting network. Cisco delivers the reliability demanded by our clients and the scalability for the most efficient network possible.

[Real Networks] HelpQuest.Com supports Real Audio/Video technology, so you can create streaming multimedia content! HelpQuest.Com will include full support for the G2 technology when fully released by Real Networks.

[WebTrends] HelpQuest.Com uses WebTrends Professional Suite to deliver rich, detailed website statistics weekly to all clients. Our Partnership with WebTrends allows clients to download Virtual WebTrends free of charge as well.

[Verisign] HelpQuest.Com is part of a partnership with Verisign Corporation so that clients can easily obtain a Secure ID. This allows clients to conduct e-commerce through their website while comforting their clients with the Verisign brand name.

HelpQuest.Com supports Miva Script 3.2 (formerly HTMLScript), which allows clients to deliver cross-platform dynamically generated websites with integrated XML scripting, database, and storefront management tools.

[Microsoft] HelpQuest.Com is registered with Microsoft Corporation as a Web-Presence Provider for websites utilizing FrontPage 97 and 98. HelpQuest.Com fully supports all websites developed under Microsoft FrontPage.

[CyberCash] With CyberCash, clients can employ an e-commerce solution by conducting real-time credit card transactions. Those real-time transactions can later be settled by the client.


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